chalk printed eco texture non woven wallpaper Ikat beige 148630

you need 0 rolls
this calculation takes into account the pattern and 15 cm cutting loss per stroke
  • dimensions
    53 cm x 10,05 m
  • design repeat: 53 cm

    The print of this wallpaper repeats itself every XX centimeters.

    53 cm
  • verzet: straight match

    The connection of this printer is right. This means that each time you print the next job on the same level as posted in the previous job.
    Note: If you choose wallpaper with a fixed resistance, do you sometimes need something more. Calculate how many rolls you need to wallpaper calculator. The wallpaper calculator takes into account when calculating namely report.

    recht rapport
    Straight report
    straight match
  • composition: FSC paper and synthetic fibers

    HD non-woven wallpaper is the latest development in non-woven wallpaper. HD non-woven wallpaper brings all the advantages of paper wallpaper in terms of color fastness and the detailed, accurate representation of the designs. It also offers the advantages of nonwoven wallpaper on the ease of processing.

    The fiber carrier can apply this wallpaper dry glued on a wall. You have no wallpapering table necessary and you do not have to glue wallpaper in and soak.

    Did you know! : Non-woven wallpaper makes decorating a lot easier because you do not need a pasting table or soaking. You paste the wall with glue, paste the wallpaper on the wall and your wall is ready! But woven wallpaper you just can in the traditional way with a wallpaper paste table as you do, for example paper wallpaper. When this way of decorating still find it more pleasant you can also use when covered with woven wallpaper. Soaking is not necessary with this wallpaper method, so the wallpaper, after gluing evenly on the wall.


    Hanging instructions non-woven wallpaper

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    FSC paper and synthetic fibers
  • hanging instructions: paste the wall

    Wall wallpaper gluing and applying dry

    more information

    paste the wall
  • lightfastness: very good resistance to light

    Eventually discolors everything under the influence of sunlight! The lightfastness is a measure of the extent and rate of discoloration.
    Normal light stability: The product contains no special protection against the influence of sunlight. It will therefore discolour over time. The rate of discoloration is dependent on many factors, such as the amount of light in the room and the chosen color wallpaper. Because this is a smooth, continuous process, this will normally not be disturbing. The color difference will be noticeable when moving a painting or cabinet after some time.

    very good resistance to light
  • treatment: washable

    You can make small marks on the wallpaper carefully remove with a damp soft cloth (possibly with a little mild soap, such as green soap)


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A modern and natural wallpaper with a trendy beige, grey and brown chequered pattern in ikat style, that this how this beautiful non-woven wallpaper of ESTAhome.nl can be described. The matt wallpaper is enriched with a tactile eco-texture which does not only ensures a stylish look but also an authentic and pure feel. A special and cosy wallpaper for a trendy living room, bedroom or children’s room.

This beautiful neutral non-woven wallpaper with ikat pattern is reminiscent of hip & happening Ibiza. Ikat is an ancient weaving technique in which parts of the yarns are first dyed in a pattern before they are attached to each other. This results in a gradient of colours or ‘blurriness’ as there are no clear limits. This ‘blurriness’ makes the pattern extra graceful and unique. This non-woven wallpaper from ESTAhome.nl has a modern diamond pattern in ikat style. The various warm grey, soft beige and dark brown checks seem hand painted on the white matte background which gives the wallpaper a creative and authentic character. Very nice for a stylish wall with an ethnic touch. The neutral beige tones ensure that the wallpaper not only fits well in a bohemian or Ibiza-style living style, but also in a hip rural or Scandinavian interior design.

This durable beige ikat wallpaper is made on a high quality non-woven, chalk paint backing which gives an extra matte look. Using chalk paint, gives the wallpapers a very natural finish as the colours are not glossy. The non-woven wallpaper ensures ease of use; paste the wall, apply the wallpaper and it is done!

You can find this wallpaper in the collection Cabana.