chalk printed eco texture non woven wallpaper tile motif blue 148636

Blue tile wallpaper from ESTAhome.nl, for creating an authentic Mediterranean tile wall in your own interior. Since the graceful motif is printed on a non-woven chalk paint backing, the wallpaper gets an extra matte look. But this tile effect wallpaper not only looks special, it also feels pure and natural since it is enriched with a tangible eco-texture.

Whether you go for the whole wall just a small part, with this blue wallpaper with tile effect you can easily make your own unique tiled wall. And that without bricklaying! The graceful motif of the Mediterranean tiles gives your wall atmosphere and character. The bright blue colour is reminiscent of the sea and indicates the wallpaper a cool and quiet atmosphere. A stylish and contemporary non-woven wallpaper for a serene, characteristic tiled wall in the dining room, living room or bedroom.

This durable blue tile wallpaper is made on a high quality non-woven, chalk paint backing which gives an extra matte look. Using chalk paint, gives the wallpapers a very natural finish as the colours are not glossy. The non-woven wallpaper ensures ease of use; paste the wall, apply the wallpaper and it is done!

You can find this wallpaper in the collection Cabana.


  • 148636
    chalk printed eco texture non woven wallpaper tile motif blue