HD non-woven wallpaper graphic 3D light blue 138912

HD non-woven wallpaper graphic 3D light blue

This wallpaper fits great into a Scandinavian style of decoration. It's no wonder that Scandinavian interior style is so popular. The clean look, the beautiful color palette and natural materials make the perfect combination.

In a Scandinavian interior you will rarely see a wall-to-wall carpet on the entire floor. Instead of a wall-to-wall carpet, they will usually choose a tough wooden floor. This is then attenuated with carpets and animal furs. Because the winters in Scandinavia are very long and dark, the interior is often light to keep the spaces as clear as possible. It is therefore not surprising that much white is used. In addition to white, soft, natural tones are chosen, such as light gray or soft pink.

Indispensable in a Scandinavian interior is wood. Whether it's on the floor, the walls, the ceiling, accessories or a complete kitchen of wood does not matter much. In principle, any wood type is suitable for a Scandinavian interior, but if you like the true Scandinavian look, we recommend to use light wood such as beech, birch and ash. Another option, and whatever you see, is to paint the wooden planks white.

In a Scandinavian interiors you will not see graceful details. You will normally see fine, modern lines to keep the room as clean as possible. The traditional Scandinavian cottages were very small. As a consequence, there was also little space to store many items. Although today the houses are getting bigger and thus offer more storage space, a tidy free space remains an important part of a Scandinavian interior.

The whole idea of the clean spaces begins with the possession of as few items as possible. Keep it as clean as possible. Choose a simple graphic wallpaper or a wallpaper with a natural print. This will fit perfectly into the overall picture. To give the rooms a lot of atmosphere, you get simple accessories. For your wall decoration just use a decorative wallpaper with no accessories on the wall. Precisely because it is so dark in the Scandinavian countries for a large part of the year, of course light is an important part of the interior. Choose light curtains. In order to cheer up rooms, many plants are used in the interior. Like this spaces get more color, the atmosphere is improved and did you know that plants are excellent air purifiers? Win win situation.

The Scandinavian interior may not be known for its cozy blankets, cushions and many adornments. Yet you'll see a lot of textiles in this Nordic interior style. The blankets, pillows and carpets you see have been carefully selected and are both functional and an excellent way to make your home more cozy. In addition, it is a good way to bring different textures into your interior.

HD non-woven wallpaper graphic 3D light blue This wallpaper is very nice to decorate your boy's room and baby room or nursery.

This non-woven wallpaper is very easy to hang. Paste the wall with wallpaper glue. Apply the wallpaper dry. You do not need a pasting table. Easy to remove dry, even after many years.

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    HD non-woven wallpaper graphic 3D light blue