HD non-woven wallpaper lace ribbon black and white 138841

Trendy lace wallpaper displayed in the form of stylish hand drawn ribbons. A cute, creative and original wallpaper for a fashionable girls' bedroom. The handmade character of the lace print gives the non-woven wallpaper a unique and playful effect. The different types of lace are presented in graceful lines of ribbon making it seem like there is striped wallpaper on the wall. Modern stripe wallpaper, but just a bit more original and with an extra girly touch. Fabulous wall decoration for fashionable girls!

The black and white colours give the non-woven wallpaper a modern and neutral appearance. Bold black and bright white are a beautiful contrast and complement each other flawlessly. A timeless and stylish colour combination that fits any interior. Black and white wallpaper can be combined with vibrant accent colours like green, red, pink or yellow or with more neutral tones like grey and brown. Actually you can’t think of a colour that does not match with this classic colour combination. So whatever kind the kind of interior style you have, this black and white wallpaper is always a good choice!

This non-woven high definition (HD) wallpaper can be effectively applied in all dry spaces of the house. The living room, bedroom, children’s room, hallway or nursery, this non-woven wallpaper transforms every room into an attractive whole. When there is not a chance that the wallpaper gets damp or wet, it can even be applied in the kitchen or in the toilet.

Since the HD wallpaper is made on a high-quality non-woven backing it ensures ease of use: paste the wall, apply the wallpaper and it is done! This non-woven wallpaper can also easily be removed.

You can find this wallpaper in the collection #FAB.


  • 138841
    HD non-woven wallpaper lace ribbon black and white