HD non-woven wallpaper polaroid pictures sepia brown and light beige 138845

Easily create your own trendy photo wall with this modern non-woven wallpaper from ESTAhome.nl with stylish polaroid pictures. It seems like the fashionable photos are taken during an inspiring city trip to Paris. Modern pictures of makeup, French bulldogs, fashion and of course the spectacular highlights of this vibrant French city seem pasted with tape on the wallpaper. Almost real! Very cool for creating your own unique polaroid photo wall at home.

The dark sepia colour, a warm reddish – brown hue, gives the light beige wallpaper a vintage appearance. Sepia is a brownish tone that brings a feeling of instant nostalgia to nearly any photo. Therefore this sepia brown wallpaper creates a unique, warm and trendy retro vibe in any space.

This non-woven high definition (HD) wallpaper can be effectively applied in all dry spaces of the house. The living room, bedroom, children’s room, hallway or nursery, this non-woven wallpaper transforms every room into an attractive whole. When there is not a chance that the wallpaper gets damp or wet, it can even be applied in the kitchen or in the toilet.

Since the HD wallpaper is made on a high-quality non-woven backing it ensures ease of use: paste the wall, apply the wallpaper and it is done! This non-woven wallpaper can also easily be removed.

You can find this wallpaper in the collection #FAB.


  • 138845
    HD non-woven wallpaper polaroid pictures sepia brown and light beige