HD non-woven wallpaper rhombus red, blue & green 138818

Trendy tartan wallpaper with red, blue and green colours from ESTAhome.nl. A cheerful and easy to use wallpaper for a modern living room, bedroom or childrens room with a sportive character.

This tartan wallpaper, or wallpaper with traditional checks, gives every wall a stylish look. It seems like the different bands in blue, green and red colors are intertwined, which gives the wallcovering a unique appearance. This makes it a modern and sportive non-woven wallpaper for a trendy bedroom, living room or nursery.

This durable red, blue and green tartan wallpaper is made on a high quality, high definition non-woven wallpaper. The non-woven backing ensures ease of use; paste the wall, apply the wallpaper and it is done!

You can find this wallpaper in the collection College.


  • 138818
    HD non-woven wallpaper rhombus red, blue & green