wallpaper stripes pink and turquoise 115721

Wow! This wallpaper with stripes in pink and turquoise is perfect for creating a beautiful feature wall and adds a cheerful, lively atmosphere to the room.

This wallpaper is perfect for decorating a girl's room, teenage bedroom or bedroom.

This wallpaper is easy to hang. Measure the height of your wall, add 10cm (5cm top and bottom) and cut your first strip of wallpaper. Lay the strip of wallpaper face down on your work surface. Brush paste on to the top half of your paper and gently fold that section back to meet the middle. Brush paste on the remaining half and fold the bottom end in to meet the middle. Allow the paper to rest in this "booked" position for a few minutes while the glue becomes fully activated and the paper is prepared. Unfold the top half of the strip and apply to the wall, letting a little bit of the wallpaper overlap the ceiling and adjoining wall. Unfold the bottom half and smooth into place. Trim the excess paper along the ceiling and baseboard with a sharp razor knife.

You will find this wallpaper with stripes in pink and turquoise (115721) the collection Belle Rose.


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    wallpaper stripes pink and turquoise
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